Repairing broken parts due to negligence? That will surely put a dent in your savings. Here are some points you should take note of.

Ever got so busy that you skipped a meal, and thought that, “Hey it’s not too bad, I’ve saved the lunch money today”? While skipping a meal every now and then wouldn’t hurt, skipping certain routine checks and maintenance on your vehicle could potentially cost you an arm and a leg. All machineries experience wear […]

4 Tips on Buying a Car in Singapore

Singaporeans love cars: although cars in Singapore can can cost five to six times more than they do in other countries, there has been a steady demand for new cars in the country. Land Transport Authority records show that more than 87,000 new cars were registered in 2016, up 52% from 57,000 new registrations in 2015. The […]

Complete Guide To Buying A Car In Singapore

Owning a car continues to be an aspirational goal for many Singaporeans, and even regarded as a necessity for some, despite efforts by the government to discourage car ownership encourage a car-lite culture. It is hard to deny the convenience and empowerment having a car affords you, not to mention boosts in productivity and time-saving. That is, until everyone […]